Since 1946, Maxilin has produced a range of Liquorice Flyers, with our unique flavoured crystal centres. Using only the finest ingredients, the centres are hand filled and capped at our Bolton factory, the same as they were in 1946, ensuring a product which is deliciously different and unique.


Original Flyers 90x12.png

Classic Liquorice Flyers

Our Liquorice Flyers are the original Flyer! Our tasty liquorice casings are filled with unique crystallised centres. Only the finest ingredients are used in our traditional batch method cooking, just the same as 1946.

Strawberrys pre pack 12x95g.png

Strawberry Flyers

A fruity alternative to our classic Flyers. Delicious strawberry casings filled with magical crystallised strawberry centres. 

Blackcurrent 95g pre pack.png

Blackcurrant Flyers

A soft moreish liquorice tube, filled with our brilliant blackcurrant crystals centre gives a truly miraculous eating experience. The classic combination with a special twist.